Philly has a large community of skilled Latino cooks that due the COVID-19 crisis have lost their jobs and in most cases, unable to collect unemployment benefits. Help us support their economic needs and those of their families by purchasing a weekly dose of delicious tamales. 

How it works: Each week we host different cooks and each week we have a different menu. 100% of the proceeds goes towards the cooks making the tamales and towards paying salaries of a small team of latina cooks that work with us full time. Our tamales are made with fresh nixtamalized corn that we mill in house. This project is spearheaded and managed by chef Ana Caballero.



Lost Bread Co, 1313 N Howard from 10am-3pm

Rival Bro's Coffee, 1100 Tasker St from 10am-3pm

Rivals Bro's Coffee, 2400 Lombard St from 10am-3pm 

Jezabel's Cafe - 206 S 45th St from 11am-3pm

WK 39

This week Proyecto Tamal is working with Leo Jimenez, a cook originally from the state of Puebla. Leo has cooked at the same Old City restaurant since moving to Philly 16 years ago! He has done part-time stints elsewhere, but consistently returns to the same job. When the pandemic is over and the restaurant reopens, he intends to keep the marathon up.

This week's menu includes several of Leo’s ideas, including the vegetarian tamal option, the salsa ancha, and a recipe for barbacoa marinade that links back to his hometown of Huapaltepec. 

Enjoy this week's selection and as always, thanks for the support.